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Rooibos "Red" Teas

Red tea most commonly refers to “Rooibos”, a type of tisane or herbal infusion that stems from the South African Red Bush. Rooibos’ sweet, distinctive flavor makes it a popular choice among tea drinkers.

Hailing from the Western Cape Province, Rooibos tea is a naturally caffeine-free herbal blend that is hailed worldwide for its remarkable health advantages. This sweet, earthy tea has been long recognised in South Africa for its outstanding ability to promote overall health, but is now gaining momentum among Western tea drinkers, particularly the health conscious. Rooibos tea is claimed to encourage heart and liver health, actively lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Rooibos is also said to improve circulation and can have a calming effect, making it a great, natural alternative to use in aiding insomnia. These health benefits are owed to the high levels of antioxidants the Rooibos leave contain which also aid in slowing and reversing the aging process and protecting from chronic diseases such as cancer.

The smooth, sweet taste and the absence of caffeine in this exquisite brew makes it a great drink for the whole family, and with mixed bends such as “Rooibos Cinnamon Apple” and “Rainbow Rooibos” there is something to suit everyone. Our fine assortment of quality red rooibos teas are the perfect way to relax and enjoy a few quiet moments to yourself, and with USDA certified organic and fair trade options, The Sun Garden has something for everyone.