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Peach Flavored Tea

Delight in the sweet, luscious taste of ripe peaches with our juicy range of succulent Peach teas.

Peach has always paired wonderfully with tea, and what better way to enjoy both fruit and tea taste!

As well as having more traditional flavors such as “Peach Black”, we also stock several varieties of tea that have been enhanced with the flavor of mouth-watering peach, so that you can enjoy the taste of sun-ripened peaches with whichever kind of tea you enjoy!

With tantalising options like “White Peach”, “Peach Oolong” and “Rooibos Peach” you can select the tea to best suit your needs.

Peaches are not only delicious tasting, but they are also known for their high Vitamin A content which helps to maintain healthy skin and eyesight. Peaches and tea are also both high in antioxidants, making any of the teas in our peach range high in antioxidants.

With teas of every kind, we offer a peach flavored tea to suit all tastes! Try our more traditional tasting teas such as “Ginger Peach Black” or “Rooibos Peach”, or indulge in a little bit of luxury with our beautiful blooming teas such as “Marigold Fairy Peach”