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Lemon Flavored Tea

If you can’t get enough of this zesty citrus fruit, then our invigorating range of fresh lemon teas are the perfect choice for you.

Lemon tea makes a great substitute for sugary beverages, and is the perfect drink to enjoy as part of your daily water intake.

Lemons are acclaimed worldwide for their fantastic health benefits, and combining fresh lemon with pure water that’s great for your body, is an excellent way to boost these benefits. Try one of our delicious lemon teas and do something great for your body, and your health – today!

Tea lovers everywhere will love our fine collection of Lemon teas that tea drinkers all thirst for!

Lovers of black tea with a hint of citrus flavor will enjoy our more traditional range of flavors such as “Lemon Black” and “Strawberry Lemon Black”. The combination of premium black tea and luscious lemon flavor makes for the perfect, full-bodied brew with a hint of citrus.

Those who enjoy a more diverse selection of teas may enjoy sampling something from our more varied range such as our “Lemon Oolong” and our organic “Lemongrass Mate”. These are a great option for those who have a favourite kind of tea that they would love to see jazzed up with the sweet, sharp taste of fresh lemons, or for those who want to taste something a little different!

Lemon has long been praised for its ability to lift overall health and wellbeing, and for this reason has been combined with tea in order to provide tea drinkers everywhere with an easy, accessible way to add this great nutrient into their daily diet.

Consuming lemon tea as part of your regular routine can boost Vitamin C levels. Water-soluble Vitamin C such as that which is found in lemons helps to fight free radicals and assists with building immunity, making it an excellent way to further enhance your dietary regime and keep you well. Vitamin C is also known for increasing the healing time on wounds and maintaining strong teeth and healthy bones.

Waking up to lemon tea is a fantastic way to kick-start your metabolism. This assists the digestive system and liver to carry out their functions more efficiently and can also assist with weight management. This makes lemon tea a convenient and healthful tool to utilise in conjunction with weight loss programs!

Lemon tea is also a fantastic option for those who suffer from blemished skin, nasal congestion, and many other minor ailments.