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Our luxurious range of pure, natural candles come in a wide variety of heavenly scents to suit every taste and personality, so that you can choose the perfect candle for your enjoyment.

Candles are an excellent way to add scent and ambiance to a room and with The Sun Garden lavish range of deluxe scents, you need not look any further for refined fragrance to enhance your environment.

The Sun Garden’s sophisticated range embraces the finest fragrances and assembles them into groups according to their scent, so that you can select the right candles for your needs, with ease. Our beautiful crystalline candles are arranged in groups including ‘Outdoor,’ ‘Tropical,’ and ‘Fall. With so many amazing seasonal and individual scents, infusing your home with exquisite fragrance has never been easier! All of our stunning candles throw dramatic scent when being used, and selected candles from our range even continue to trickle scent when they are not lit.

Our entire range is made from sustainable, natural palm wax, making them eco-friendly and safer for your home. The nature of palm wax also means the candles have a beautiful crystalline finish that sparkles, making them both fragrant and attractive.