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About The Sun Garden, our tea, and our scented candles

Since 2007, The Sun Garden has been bringing you the best organic teas, candles, and gifts. The Sun Garden is a hard working family owned retail store that is passionate about green living and healthy living, bringing products that focus on using straight organic products and no chemicals!

Located in Rochester, New York, The Sun Garden is your online gift shop bringing green living enthusiasts and tea lovers’ tasty, sweet, organic teas from around the world available in a variety of blends. With over 200 different blends and flavors of tea, there is sure to be something for everyone, and a tea for all your troubles.  The tea is always fresh, sealed in light blocking air tight packaging so it can remain fresh in your home.

We had previously sold a variety of carefully selected brands of natural soy candles and palm wax candles.  As we became more involved and knowledgeable within the candle community, we decided that we only wanted to sell the best natural candles.  The only way we could guarantee that every candle was perfect and shipped quickly was for us to make them ourselves.

On Independence Day 2014, The Sun Garden released our first line of all natural palm wax candles.  We chose all natural palm wax from certified sustainable farms because of its natural crystalline beauty and the lack of chemical processes required with soy wax.  Every candle is hand poured with love, then goes through a thorough quality control process where we ensure that every wick is centered, there are no void spaces within the candle and a candle from every batch of wax or wick gets burn tested to ensure that it burns well, completely, and safely.

To complement our lines of tea and candles, we have selected the best quality of tea-ware and candle accessories.  Tea always tastes best when brewed properly whether it is a ceramic or glass pot.  Candle snuffers will reduce the smoke from putting out the flame and prevent splashing from blowing them out.  Our beautiful line of wax melters and candle warmers will accent any decor.